Sleep meditation  21 minutes guided meditation with soothing background music to help you sleep peacefully. The meditation guides you above concerns. Then values and deposits your day to the highest good.  $12 video is sent via email (*include email on contact form)

 Healing Meditation  3:33 minute guided mediation designed to help you release dis-ease by using breath and touch. $3 video is sent through email (*Include email on contact form)


The Dragon Adventure
“The Dragon Adventure is a delightfully creative and unique approach to developing kids imagination and supporting physical movement for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Kids of all ages will be drawn into the light-hearted invitation to play out the appealing story written by Suna and the magical illustrations of Viviannne. A must for every child’s library, class and therapy waiting room” – Charlotte Reznick, PhD

This work of writing by author Suna Senman is a co-creator’s working journal with it’s intended purpose to unravel the reader’s true meaning of the word PEACE. This is the second book of a 3-part trilogy. “Being” is the first book, “Peace” the second and “Full” is the last. This book is about “Peace: Discovering life’s harmony through relationships”. There are many interpretations of peace. The author describes creating peace as “connected tentacles of honesty, truth, love, value, compassion, justice, responsibility, and happiness”.

Reviewed by LCM’s Carol Dorsey

Order Peace Now (Hardcover) $27.95
Order Peace Now (Softcover) $16.95
Order Peace Now (E-book) $3.99
No returns or refunds  For delivery in the US and Canada allow 7-10 business days. All other locations allow up to 15 days for delivery.

Being: A Process
This book is a collection of thoughts that together catalyze awakening within the soul. As you read, you will travel through the deepest layers of your being and discover your core truth. You can revisit this process repeatedly and read as deeply as you like each time. The book is ideal to read in the morning, so as to start the day with consciousness, and to reread in the evening, so as to close the day with gratitude. Doing so will take you on a journey of purposeful living.

Order Being Now (Softcover) $13.95
Order Being Now (E-book)  $3.99
No returns or refunds     For delivery in the US and Canada allow 7-10 business days. All other locations allow up to 15 days for delivery.

Counselling Sessions

Suna Senman offers live, phone, and online sessions that are tailored to individuals or groups and that address a myriad of topics, including life transformationhealth and wellnesschildhood developmentinner and outer peacesex and food

Single session   Present your issue and I tune in to help you see clearly. A single session is helpful when you feel stuck and need some professional support with someone who cares about you.  Download client form , fill out and send to to book   Single one hour session $135 (Pay upon booking. Cancel at least 24 hr prior for refund)

Transform Your Life Package  In our introductory session, I will help you clarify what you want to change. We start where you are now and move you towards where you want to be. Common concerns are relationship issues, wanting to understand life’s purpose, overcoming anxiety, depression or addiction. Perhaps you simply want to step up your development, enlightenment and ascension. I am trained in clinical psychotherapy with many certifications including management and prevention of eating disorders. Also, I am trained in true identity mentoring, ascension coaching and other self advancement processes. More important than all the training is my genuine care and support for you. Our work together can empower you to make the changes you want.  You have my constant support during this transformation time.  Download client form , fill out and send to to book.  Intro hour session plus four 45 minute sessions with as many interval check ins as you need (completed within 3 months) $777 (Pay upon booking. Cancel at least 24 hr prior for refund)

Quantum Healing A hypnotherapy technique designed by Delores Canon and Candice Craw-Goldman. This is a 3 hour session that can access your higher guides and universal wisdom. Many clients connect with past and parallel lives to find answers to issues experienced in this life. They often say that one Quantum healing session gives insight greater than several years of counseling. The process requires preparation so you will receive a preparation letter prior to our session. Download client form , fill out and send to to book.  3 hour session is $333 (Pay upon booking. Cancel at least 24 hr prior for refund)


 Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to feel more contented, more at peace, and more joyful in their life in just four sessions! Suna offers a positive approach to deal with common (and not so common) stresses and anxieties that accompany life’s changes and transitions. Suna is wise, calm, kind and has helped me to find strategies to deal with ongoing worries and concerns.” – Jo-Ann

   Suna is one of those rare individuals who inspire and encourage the best effort in others, through her constant example of selfless giving. Her genuine concern is tempered by a simple grace that inspires the noble instincts in us all. – Steve

Working with Suna has made me realise that the littlest effort can make a big difference – Amy  

Suna’s wealth of experience is demonstrated through her professionalism and her ability to work well with all kinds of people.-Theo 

Enjoy a healthy prosperous life!

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