Live Your True Self
Suna Senman, LMSW

Quantum Transformation Facilitator

What I do

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I Coach.

As a life transformation facilitator, I am here to guide and support your journey becoming a more authentic expression of your being — in this body, in this life, in this moment. Together we will call forth your inner flame and invite it to illuminate the path before you.

I Write.

Suna is the author of two books – Being: A Process and Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships;and her writing has included interviews with supermodel Tyra Banks and NY Times best-selling author and meditation expert Sharon Salzberg.

It is the whisper in your heart: “You are more than this.”

Identity is a momentary construct, whereas the human soul is an eternal flame. We may rest on the haunches of identity during a season or two of our lives, but as seasons change, so do we. As our once-familiar and -comfortable roles slip out of our grasp, we may experience the spectrum of emotions — feeling as terrified as we do exhilarated. In such times, we have the opportunity to get acquainted, or reacquainted, with who we truly are – the deep, unwavering, transcendent spirit present at the core of our being.

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Enjoy a healthy prosperous life!

The Dragon Adventure

“The Dragon Adventure is a delightfully creative and unique approach to developing kids imagination and supporting physical movement for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Kids of all ages will be drawn into the light-hearted invitation to play out the appealing story written by Suna and the magical illustrations of Viviannne. A must for every child’s library, class and therapy waiting room” – Charlotte Reznick, PhD


This work of writing by author Suna Senman is a co-creator’s working journal with it’s intended purpose to unravel the reader’s true meaning of the word PEACE. This is the second book of a 3-part trilogy. “Being” is the first book, “Peace” the second and “Full” is the last. This book is about “Peace: Discovering life’s harmony through relationships”. There are many interpretations of peace. The author describes creating peace as “connected tentacles of honesty, truth, love, value, compassion, justice, responsibility, and happiness”.

Being: A Process

This book is a collection of thoughts that together catalyze awakening within the soul. As you read, you will travel through the deepest layers of your being and discover your core truth. You can revisit this process repeatedly and read as deeply as you like each time. The book is ideal to read in the morning, so as to start the day with consciousness, and to reread in the evening, so as to close the day with gratitude. Doing so will take you on a journey of purposeful living.