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Create a harmonious life
August 26, 2013


Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships
New Mexico Style – KASA (Fox TV)
August 14, 2013


“Penthouse North”
Documentary by Johanna St Michaels
Release date TBA


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Huffington Post


Interview in Exceptional Magazine

Exceptional Magazine
October, 2013




Discovering Life’s Harmony Through Relationships

Future Primitive
August 16, 2013




Chappaqua Resident Kicks Off Book Tour In Mt. Kisco

Chappaqua Dailyvoice
July 27, 2013




Suna Senman: Embrace it or not, Life Begins at 50
Boomer Cafe
June 4, 2013




How Does ResponsibilityRelate To Peace? (Book Excerpt)

June 11, 2013




Will Israel’s new anorexia law be the model for our fashion industry?
UK Metro
May 13, 2013




“Peace: Discovering life’s harmony through relationships”
Life Coaching Magazine
May 2, 2013




From: “Peace in Relationships: Attachment-Detachment”
Inside Chappaqua
April 24, 2013




Discovering Life’s Harmony Through Relationships: an interview with Suna Senman
Marion Institute
August 19, 2013

Interview with Suna Senman on WFAS (Right click to download)
August 5, 2013




Listen to Suna Senman interview Anya Sophia Mann
Life Coaching Magazine
June 13, 2013




Moving Mind, Steady Soul: How to Embrace Change
June 10, 2013




Suna Senman True Identity Mentor, Author
Blog Talk Radio
May 29, 2013




An Interview With Suna Senman
Life Coaching Magazine
May 10, 2013



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