Feedback & Reviews

Suna is one of those rare individuals who inspire and encourage the best effort in others, through her constant example of selfless giving. Her genuine concern is tempered by a simple grace that inspires the noble instincts in us all and serves as a gentle reminder that one who leads by example, leads best. Suna personifies this, and it is a privilege to have worked with her.

Steve Sechrist

Editor/Analyst at Insight Media

Who wouldn’t want an opportunity to feel more contented, more at peace and more joyful in their life in just four sessions! Suna offers a positive approach to dealing with common (and not so common) stresses and anxieties that accompany life’s changes and transitions. Suna is wise, calm, kind and has helped me to find strategies to help deal with ongoing worries and concerns. Change for the better and worse is constant, but Suna has helped me to be the person who sees the glass as half full even in the most difficult situations. Thank you, Suna. Everyone deserves to find their joy.


Suna’s wealth of experience is demonstrated through her professionalism and her ability to work well with all kinds of people. Her bright energy and honesty have made it a pleasure to work with her.

Theo Wilson

Editor at Morningside Translations

I have known Suna for 16 years and trust her implicitly with children. She is kind, loving, nurturing and oh, so creative!

Denise Simon

Director at Denise Simon’s Actors Workshop

Working with Suna has brought me to realize that the littlest bit of effort to do something can make a big difference.


8th grade student

Suna is energetic and creative and a benefit to our programs.

Director of Play Care Preschool

Interning for Suna was a wonderful experience. As the head of World Foundation for Original Human Development, Suna was extremely passionate about her cause and was well-received by everyone with whom she interacted. As an intern, I felt extremely empowered, which made my contributions worthwhile and significant. Suna has been absolutely amazing and committed.

Charles Cho

Analyst at BlackRock

I can’t tell you how grateful I am</strong> for your taking the time to share your insights with me! I never would have imagined I could have shifted my point of view and finally begin to recover and find some peace.


Suna is energetic and creative and a benefit to our programs.

Director of Play Care Preschool