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Suna Senman, LMSW

Suna believes that counselors only can take people as far as the counselors themselves have traveled.

Suna Senman, LMSW is a life transformation facilitator. She blogs on topic for The Huffington Post; she has been a featured expert in media including CBS and Fox; she has published articles in media including Natural Health and Beliefnet; she is the author of two books – Being: A Process and Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships;and her writing has included interviews with supermodel Tyra Banks and NY Times best-selling author and meditation expert Sharon Salzberg.

Suna has a masters in clinical social work and a social work license from New York State; she has a masters in religious education; and she is certified as an eating disorders counselor and true identity mentor. She specializes in wellness counseling, childhood development, peace education, and diversity training. Through her work, Suna helps people expand their sense of self, release their illusion of separation, develop nurturing partnerships, and consciously design a harmonious life path.

Suna began her professional career as an elite gymnastics coach – through which she taught the importance of developing a strong core and inner compass. With her guidance, Suna’s students were able to stay grounded and focused, even as they somersaulted through the air. As she transitioned into a career as a clinical social worker and mental health counselor, Suna continued emphasizing the importance of the inner core and compass — to help her clients stay true to themselves and remain peaceful, no matter what turbulence they might encounter in their lives.

Suna believes that counselors only can take people as far as the counselors themselves have traveled. With her diverse and eclectic background, as well as her experience creating and recreating her identity throughout her life, Suna offers an expansive point of reference, a deep well of compassion, and a high capacity for intensity: She was raised in a Turkish-Swedish household, has lived around the world, and speaks several languages. As a social worker and mental health counselor, she has served children, adults, and seniors, from diverse ethnic, religious, and socio-economic groups – including average people, those with eating disorders, schizophrenics, and AIDS patients. Previously, Suna worked not only as a gymnastics coach but also as a as a model, actor, dancer, and childhood development educator. She now brings to her counseling work the points of reference and rich experiences of all these different professions.

As a licensed mental health professional, Suna has the training and experience to diagnose underlying mental illnesses or chemical imbalances that may be interfering with her clients’ ability to cope or get ahead. While Suna utilizes these diagnoses to help her clients navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of their lives, however, she never defines her clients by psychiatric labels. Instead, she focuses on helping her clients access, bring forth, and shine their inner light.

My style is intuitive. First, I care about you. I use my knowledge, training and experience guided by my heart and your will. I come from a family of diversity. My mother is Swedish and dad Turkish. They raised me and my sister in several different states in the United States with friends who came from all over the world. I was fascinated since children about how people work and how they can build a satisfying life. My education is endless! I learn from others along with my experiences. When we work together, we cooperate. I offer many specific treatments. Choose what you think is right for you. If in doubt, choose Conversational Therapy – for a satisfying life. I speak English, Swedish and French. I have succeeded in Spanish, German and other Indo-European languages ​​in therapy with a dictionary. Enjoy Today! ” Suna

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Suna Senman has worked in New York, USA for over 30 years. She is trained as a psychotherapist and sociologist by New York University with a license from New York State. Currently, Suna makes her home in the Freedom Center Sweden, in the countryside 4 hours north of Stockholm. She travels often to meet the international community. She holds several certificates in the areas of: cultural competence, child development, eating disorders, family therapy, trauma, KBT.
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