On Valentine’s Day, we may think of romance, flowers and chocolates. Yet our deepest, most permanent love may be in life itself. The opportunity to breathe and experience life is the foundation for all love that we may experience. Behind the face of your lover is the same energy of life that beats the heart of all other living beings. You get to experience that love force through your partner or through a loving child, a happy dog or delicate songbird. Expressions of love are all around, in every living thing.

Chocolates, flowers and romantic dinners may seem to be required to celebrate the special love day. Is love so easy to melt, wilt and be done with? Real love is deep and eternal. Real love is the power in every breath and the stimulant for all your senses. Real love is the force that moves you to do even the silly things, like buying gifts, dressing up and making special plans.

Love lives beyond life, yet breathes in life. I just saw that Paul McCartney created a videofor his wife Linda’s vegetarian lifestyle several years after she left this earth life. Love lives beyond life. Paul brought that love back into this life with his creation.

Linda, on her part, once told some interviewers that her life ambition was to “help make peace on earth.” Her life lives on in that love for peace. The love for peace lives on earth, through many people with the same ambition. We carry that love for those who also lived for peace yet have left this earth plane.

Love, real love, breathes in and out of life.

So whatever you are doing for Valentine’s Day, remember to celebrate your deepest love — the life and breathe in you and yours. Cherish that fundamental gift, above all else.