While the title 7 Wealth Building Secrets, looks ordinary, the contents of this book are extraordinarily grounded in greatest wisdom and proven practicality. Departing from many other books on financial success 7 Wealth Building Secrets begins by discouraging the desire to make more money and shares truths that most of us do not want to know. Those who dare to learn the 7 wealth building secrets can find financial stability and greater joy in life that goes deeper than physical security.

The author, De’ Andre Salter, translates his journey of wisdom and wealth into the 7 Wealth Building Secrets applicable to everyone. Salter reveals the alchemy of turning lack into genuine prosperity based on universal principles taught in the Bible. Readers who are more versed in the Bible may follow the connections more easily than those less literate in Biblical verse, yet I highly recommend you to press through to extract the riches.

The first extraordinary aspect of the book is that it reveals essential information on financial well-being for everyone – from the poorest of poor to the richest of rich. Accounts of real people show that the message is truly democratic pertaining to any individual in a diversity of situations.

In the first chapter Salter establishes a perspective of success, which he calls “The Cycle of Wealth”. “Like a highway designed by God, the cycle of wealth has many entrance, which lead to abundance and exit ramps to lack.” The following chapters clarify how to enter the wealth cycle and explain the type of thoughts and actions that create financial insecurity.

7 Wealth Building Secrets discusses mentorship, timing, mindset and other concepts often found in similar books. Yet, unlike the other wealth building roadmaps, 7 Wealth Building Secrets actually unearths consciousness about the purpose of life. Salter guides the reader into profound mindfulness along side with the financial advice. He uses age-proven biblical wisdom that concurs with many ancient wisdoms such as “‘Laziness leads to poverty; hard work makes you rich’ (Proverbs 10:4 CEV).” While the concept is far from novel, Salter reveals facets of this simple truth that moves the reader into greater comprehension and hope.

How Salter moves the reader ties into the second extraordinary aspect of the book. In keeping with the cycle perspective, 7 Wealth Building Secrets affirms that each one of us has intrinsic seeds of money making skills with access to wisdom- a universal equal opportunity for all to live in the wealth cycle. “Our enemy is not financial lack, but wisdom lack.” This revolutionary concept defies the idea of “once poor- stuck in poverty.”

Essentially, 7 Wealth Building Secrets directs the reader beyond money concerns to accessing wisdom. The result is both financial stability and peace of mind. A whisper of mindfulness coaching exists in between the lines. “Since your eyes are the windows into your inner man, if you open them wide and believe, you will be filled with knowledge and light.” Salter gently coaxes the reader into a shift in perspective and behavior towards genuine hope by extracting the core meaning in Bible versus that have often been used to evade universal principles. His findings
release outside pressures from the consumerism world and get you in touch with core genuine need.

The principles are illustrated in stories of people coming from joblessness and poverty to live into their cycle of wealth. The book shares time-tested codes on living prosperously in our man-made economy by focusing on universal principles relevant to all aspects of life.

For anyone who ever worries about money, the 7 Wealth Building Secret can be a key to free you from financial anxiety and bring peace of mind. Practicing the wisdom within can transform your rough journey to a flowing cycle.