Wow! If a book can give you the experience of sitting with a personal life-changing business coach, Branding Your X Factor is the book.

Magnus speaks through the book in such an authentic, enthusiastic voice that you practically hear her slight Icelandic accent as you read. Wow! Is the branding factor she subscribes to, believes in and encourages. Wow! Is what I heard in my mind as I read. Wow! I can do this! Is the feeling the reader comes away with at the end of the book.

The reader may not expect the sensational branding message to come from a classically reserved Nordic culture. Yet reading the author’s account of Iceland’s transformation from economic death to today’s authentic dignity enlightens us to understand true transformation. Out of desperation, a nation, including the individual leaders within, plunged into deep soul searching to uncover their true national and personal business identity. As a leader in the process, Magnus, transformed herself into “The European-Awarded Personal Branding Strategist, Creating a World of Authentic Small Business Owners”.

Taking the reader step by step to find your authentic brand, Branding Your X Factor is a complete guide with many useful tools. Each chapter starts with sensible advice and encouragement. Then Magnus asks you to delve deep into yourself to unearth your true passion, vision and hope with targeted questions like, “If I could do anything — yes, anything at all (or be anyone in this world) — what would that be?”

Branding Your X Factor is more than just a book. It is a reference to other resources. Magnus elucidates key ideas from other authors. She offers clear exercises to follow and additional tools to download, including a color chart to help a business visually reinforce their message.

Based on the core belief that each entrepreneur has a unique gift to give and their distinctive messages needs to be heard, Magnus extends her X- Factor out to businesspersons at all levels of establishment. Following the guidance of Branding Your X Factor before launching an endeavor will start it on a powerful right track. Branding Your X Factor also boosts an existing business by facilitating greater clarity, confidence, communication and consistency.

My prediction is that Branding Your X Factor will be a staple for business owners along with books such as, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. For any business owner or inspiring entrepreneur, Branding Your X Factor is a remarkable gift.