If you have not yet defined your deeper purpose, mission and vision as a leader, it is time to get with it! Authenticity in business is gaining steam as the ocean of humanity is reaching higher enlightenment.

As captain of your business, however large or small, you may allow it to drift aimlessly. As a leader, your clarity and vision is vital for the future of your enterprise.

Executive coach, entrepreneur and scholar, Roxi Bahar Hewertson guides you on a journey to help you clarify your identity, direction and leadership skills in her newly released book Lead Like It Matters… Because It Does published by McGraw-Hill.

If you feel behind the game, short of peak performance, or you are looking to improve your productivity and team output, Hewertson gives clear guidance to help optimize your leadership skills and get serious about leading.

After ascertaining why taking the time to sharpen your abilities is vital to your endeavor, Hewertson takes the reader through careful instruction worth more than the cost of a graduate course and far more than the $25 cost of these bound pages. The book begins with self-awareness and personal mastery, moves into communication and interpersonal mastery, then team effectiveness and mastery and finally wraps up by illuminating our understanding of change and organizational cultures.

“Every leader’s actions result, sooner or later, in equal or opposite reactions,” Hewertson says, and illuminates that personal mastery is vital. We affect one another much more than we may realize. Self-awareness, Emotional Intelligence, and a competence in the discipline of leadership are key attributes of impactful leaders. . Hewertson guides the reader through comprehensive instruction in areas such as the 12 competencies of Emotional Intelligence, defining personal values and fine-tuning your personal mission and vision, which ultimately drive your enterprise.

Lead Like It Matters guides the reader to understand the importance of successful expression. “Communicating and working effectively with the people on your team, across teams, and throughout your organization is essential…our personal choices about how and what we communicate have significant impact on outcomes.” Three chapters and several exercises are devoted to the how-to of perfecting interaction.

Team building has trust at its core. “High trust results in strengthening relationships, sustaining positive change, increasing effectiveness, and adding positive results to anyone’s bottom line.” The book facilitates building solid teams, and gives us a tour of different organizational cultures and their effects both within and out in the world. “Whenever you make changes, you shake up your culture and your system one way or another.”

While the book inspires hope and action with great practical guidance, the author reminds us that values comes first, “We are human beings, not human doings.” To help us keep balanced Hewertson reveals insights into setting priorities to help us stay the course we developed with prudent thought in the first several chapters.

Lead Like It Matters takes the reader on a journey that enriches the reader’s personal, interpersonal, team and cultural mastery. In my case, the book popped up and down; in and out of my hands as the content and exercises inspired me to make immediate improvements in leading my organization. It will be by my side for at least the next several months as the map for developing our establishment.

Thirty-years of leadership proficiency shines through the compact instructions in Lead Like it Matters..Because It Does. More than a book, the content is a virtual classroom leading the reader through the steps to fully develop his/her leadership potential. With awareness to the details of many situations that leaders find themselves in, as well as the many styles of leadership, Hewertson seems to cover the entire ocean of management know-how in her book.