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Life Transformation Facilitator Presents New Book on Manifesting Peace through Self-Reflection and Conscious Action

September 21, 2013 – Licensed mental health counselor and Huffington Post blogger Suna Senman, after completing a national US tour presents her new book, Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships in Europe with conjunction of the UN proclaimed international Day of Peace

Chappaqua, NY – With growing number of political upheavals in the world, Europe struggles to balance their involvement to promote peace. Conflicts spill over foreign borders as immigrants pour into Europe to escape violent wars in their homelands. The formally off soil issues become present concerns for European citizens affected by the shrinking world. World citizens suffer from stress on the individual level in correlation the political, economic and social strains around them. Keeping grounded and steering the ship of change through the storm is a challenge for everyone. Yet, each person’s little ship contributes to the fleet. Transform your Life; put Peace in Action. Suna Senman’s new book, Peace: Discovering Life’s Harmony through Relationships, provides a step-by-step guide for manifesting inner and outer peace, even when the world around feels chaotic or despairing.

Peace teaches that by developing a strong inner compass, and by living with authenticity and purpose, we build a healthy foundation within ourselves. From that foundation, we are empowered to develop loving relationships with others and, through those relationships, to foster nourishing communities. Bringing to life the concept of healthy partnership, Peace has a co-authored feel to it, with a back-and-forth, conversational tone: Senman shares her thoughts, then invites the readers to share theirs. The truth, Senman asserts, is inside; we simply need guidance on accessing and expressing it.
In coordination with the International Day of Peace, Senman will participate in UN General Assembly High Level Forum on Culture of Peace at UN Headquarters in NY on 6 September. Afterwards, she travels to Europe on a speaking tour — sharing her message of Peace into Action, Moving in Peace in and Transform your Life through her personal story and hard-earned wisdom on successfully manifesting inner and outer peace.  

Peace is written with intelligence, honesty, and artistry.  Senman’s passionate writing will compel the reader to become an individual ambassador for peace. – Jennifer Crumpley, LCSW-R, Director, Collaborative Initiatives at Turnaround for Children

Insightful, flows with grace… This book is a meditation on life…a treasure. – David H. Fastiggi, author, motivational speaker and founder of Eartheaven Academy

About Suna Senman
Suna Senman LMSW, CSW, CTIM, CED is a life transformation facilitator who specializes in wellness counseling, childhood development, peace education, and diversity training. She blogs on topic for The Huffington Post; she has published articles on topic in periodicals such as Metro; and she is the author of Being: A Process. Senman has appeared on several radio and TV programs to introduce her book including CBS, and FOX. Through her work, Suna helps people expand their sense of self, release their illusion of separation, develop nurturing partnerships, and consciously design a harmonious life path. Her writing has included interviews with  supermodel Tyra Banks, celebrity violinist Miri Ben Ari, and Harvard Professor Michael Rich.
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