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It is the whisper in your heart: “You are more than this.”

Identity is a momentary construct, whereas the human soul is an eternal flame. We may rest on the haunches of identity during a season or two of our lives, but as seasons change, so do we. As our once-familiar and -comfortable roles slip out of our grasp, we may experience the spectrum of emotions — feeling as terrified as we do exhilarated. In such times, we have the opportunity to get acquainted, or reacquainted, with who we truly are – the deep, unwavering, transcendent spirit present at the core of our being.

As a life transformation facilitator, I am here to guide and support your journey becoming a more authentic expression of your being — in this body, in this life, in this moment. Together we will call forth your inner flame and invite it to illuminate the path before you. To get started, download my free e-book, Presence, which provides simple exercises you can do right now. To find out more about my work, visit the Services page, and to schedule a live, telephone, or Skype session with me, visit the Store page.