Stress-Busting Exercise

If your stress is high, do the exercise at the end first, then read:

When everything seems to happen at once, keeping a peaceful flow becomes more challenging. There are times when several key areas of life needed immediate attention and we begin to feel divided. Our hard-earned peaceful state slips away into anxiety. Then we have to take our fall, find our feet, and stand back up. As we make efforts to regain balance, both being aware of our inner experience and being sensitive to others helps us move into peace. Continue reading

Free Your True Self

With all the messages that we get from friends, family and society about who we are, should be or need to be, your true self can feel caged behind bars of expectations. Like the tiger in the cage that would not leave when the gate was open to be set free, we can keep our genuine selves caught behind old conditioning long after the restraining situation has changed. You can take new perspectives to help your true self get out of the cage and into the open. Continue reading

Parenting Inside Out: 4 Principles to Create Peace

Have you noticed how all babies are born as harmless, simple love bundles, and adults are a mixture of kindness and iniquity? Between birth and adulthood, a child goes through a process of growth greatly impacted by parenting. To attain a world of respect, harmony and peace, we must raise our children into adults with those traits. Parents may have a greater ability than they are aware of to form responsible world citizens in the midst of countless outside influences. According to a recent international survey focused on how technology influences children, 85% of young adults report that their greatest influence on their life perspective comes from their parents Continue reading

Empowered Men Empower Women

I was biking down the street in New York, on a warm and sunny day. To my right, I saw a petite, middle-aged woman walking around in her yard. She was wearing a long black dress, and her head was wrapped in a massive white scarf. To my left, I saw four young men playing basketball. They were shirtless, wearing colorful and butt-exposing shorts. I was struck by the contrast and imagined the positions reversed: on one side, a group of young women playing basketball with their tops off and bright, skimpy shorts on; on the other side, a man covered head-to-toe in a long, dark dress and head scarf. Continue reading

Summer Swim: Living Life

In these warm summer months, most of us enjoy taking a swim. Swimming can be a Zen experience, and observing how we swim can give us insight to how we approach life. Unlike floating, wading or dangling your feet in the water, swimming is movement toward a direction. Life is moving forward in directions constantly. We collectively create the tides of humanity with our styles of movement. Swimming styles are a metaphor for our how we advance through life. Continue reading