Unconscious Lessons Call for Mindful Education

Children learn, listen and reflect who we are. While waiting for his mother to finish talking to a saleswoman, a 3-year-old boy puts his hands on his hips, grunts, and boldly barks, “This woman drives me crazy!” Shocked, the adults laugh. Perhaps this behavior seems cute. Yet, subtle messages of gender disrespect cause harm to […]

Re-thinking Education: What Are We Teaching?

“The opposite of war is not peace; it’s creation.” — Jonathan Larson, composer and playwright most known for writing the musical Rent Reading the headline news in The Huffington Post recently, I was struck by the marked contrast between two articles: The Impact section featured a story about seven-year-old Zora Ball, the youngest person to create […]

5 Tips to Turn Holiday Stress Into Peace and Joy

During the holiday time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we tend to experience more activities, responsibilities and the corresponding stresses than usual. We can easily wear ourselves out with the stress, or we can discover the peace that the season offers. Peace comes from creating balance between activity and rest, socializing and meditation, or making […]

Valuable Life Lessons to Gain From Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving offers opportunities to learn and bequeath meaningful life lessons for peace, joy and happiness. November can be a gray, cold and difficult month. Holidays can also make us sorrowful for what we have lost — loved ones, the warmth of summer, and/or activities. Lights and festivities can contradict the melancholic environment. Yet, you can […]

Transform Your Life

Everyone gets stuck sometimes and needs a little help. Some help moves you forward. Some just moves you into different surrounding without real change. Some “help” can even move you backwards. From psychotherapist to life transformation facilitator, I have worked with many people over the past 20 years. Some people experienced disappointments and setbacks from […]

How Children’s Media Can Change the World for Good

When my son was 10 years old, he surprised me by accurately describing Normandy, where I had lived. When I asked where he had gotten his information, he said it was from a video game that taught him the facts about World War II.

Inner State Crumbles United States

America is striving to build a more peacefully prosperous society by digging into the foundation of our ground structure. Health care is a part of that soil, along with economics, education and other areas. Individuals who we elected to be legislators and leaders are spearheading the new structure. As in the renovation of a home, […]

Peace in Action, Part 2 — 'Feeding' Peace

Sitting on a little piece of valuable Manhattan property, midtown on the East River, the United Nations buildings provide a home for world peace efforts. While down the street and across the world violence and war is the most talked about topic, this little piece of the earth is devoted to discuss peace. The shooting […]

Peace in Action, Part 1

As conflict boils in Syria, the world remembers September 11th, a consequence of past failure to construct peace. Stepping up to responsibility, several organizations are making collective efforts to create peace in action now.