The Woman Code by Sophia A Nelson — A Review

Do you know that feeling you have when you have tried to convey your knowledge on a topic, and then run across a book that presents that view clearly and comprehensively? Such was the feeling I got when I read The Woman Code, brilliantly systemized wisdom written by author and award winning journalist, Sophia A […]

After the Drones: Open Letter to President Obama

Dear President Obama, Remember your first lessons learned: Respect one another Share. Play fair. Don’t hit. Put things back where you found them. (In this case, clean up the mess you found — tidy up the room). These fundamentals consistently work in life; and as Robert Fulgham also reminds us, the first word we read […]

Education for the World We Want (part 2)

The future of any society depends on its ability to foster the health and well-being of the next generation. Stated simply, today’s children will become tomorrow’s citizens, workers, and parents. When we invest wisely in children and families, the next generation will pay that back through a lifetime of productivity and responsible citizenship. When we […]

Education for the World We Want (Part 1)

How does a society that teaches preschoolers to play well, share toys and not hit raise highly educated leaders to justify revenge, invade countries and develop weapons to kill? In countries such as the United States, Israel and the United Kingdom, education is highly valued and the golden rules of virtues are spoken to children. […]

The People Factor by Van Moody Book Review

As there are certain laws of physics, like gravity, there are fundamental principles of relationships. This is the premise of The People Factor by Pastor Van Moody. Moody reveals the elements of relationship dynamics in a clear, simple manner. Using common experiences and biblical stories, Moody extracts the wisdom of “doing relationships right,” making the book an […]

Collaboration Facilitates Moments, Movements and Miracles

When 50 percent of humanity is neglected, mankind is endangered. Women and men got together at the California Women’s Conference 2014 to engage in higher levels of partnerships as they address multiple problems plaguing the world. A two-day conference with 10,000 attendees may seem insignificant against the 45 million people displaced due to wars, 101 million children without […]

Do You Have Inner Gender Bias?

You want to be respected and seen for who you are, yet you find yourself cornered into gender roles. What lies behind this contradiction? Somehow, beneath your conscious thinking, your brain is processing many more thoughts than you are aware of. Some of those notions are false perceptions that limit your genuine expression. Getting beyond […]

REPORT: LiTPEACE Program in Finland

As more and more communities are questioning the effectiveness of their educational programs, LiTPEACE, Life Transformation through Peace Education and Children’s Empowerment, is focusing on the early childhood education as the foundation for a lifetime. Based on holistic fundamental education, including physical, mental, emotional and social development, the LiTPEACE program consists of games for children […]

Preschool Problems in an Adult World

Sam is playing with his blocks and dinosaurs. Jonny comes to takes over Sam’s toys. Sam complains, “Stop! Leave my things alone.” Jonny continues moving wooden and plastic figures, disturbing Sam’s construction. Sam whimpers protests. The nursery school teacher tells Jonny to respect Sam’s creation. Jonny responds, “I’m just playing. Sam asked me to come […]