Daily Meditations

Start a healthy habits to have a fulfilling life. For 33 days starting October 1, I posted daily meditations on facebook to support everyone to take a short moment for the self. This quiet period of focusing on the breath to listening inward helps keep you in balance and in flow with life.  Remarkably, time […]

3 Strategies to Follow Through on Your Brand Promise

Branding has become a “must do” for both large corporations and small businesses in order to exist in the economic world. While most businesses fully accept that they need to brand, they may not understand how to keep their brand flourishing. “The battle to enlighten executives about the importance of branding is over. The next […]

Book Review: ‘7 Wealth Building Secrets’

While the title 7 Wealth Building Secrets, looks ordinary, the contents of this book are extraordinarily grounded in greatest wisdom and proven practicality. Departing from many other books on financial success 7 Wealth Building Secrets begins by discouraging the desire to make more money and shares truths that most of us do not want to […]

Real Beauty

Top Models such as Marilyn Monroe, Jean Shrimpton and Cindy Crawford wore dress sizes 16, 8 and 6 respectively. These women are seen as the perfect beauties in the last 50 years. Today stick thin body images created with photography software are the standard that many people try to attain. The unnaturally thin view of […]

Can You See With Your Heart’s Eye?

Every human shape, color, and gender Came forth from the will of a tender power When the heart’s eye is seeing a person truly — We then appreciate each being as one of beauty. Spring cleansing for the soul begins this Valentine’s month with making awareness of the many ways we create maladies through distorted […]

‘Dark Girls’

Inspired by the film with the same name, Bill Duke produced a book of lovely portraits by Barron Claiborne and interviews by Sheila P. Moses of dark skinned females from children to mature adults. Dark Girls wears a stunning portrait of Lupita Nyong’o as the book’s front cover. It releases now in February to celebrate […]

Four Entrepreneurs Bringing New Hope

As businesses and political leaders struggle to fix the global economic machinery, like invisible fairy dust, feminine energies create new approaches. Four social entrepreneurs, Sruthi Narasimha, Shiza Shadid, Janet Salazar and CJ Peak, have a passion to facilitate a vibrant, diverse and harmonious world. These women have an inclusive approach to empowerment. In India, a […]

Book Review: ‘The Fallacy of the Calorie’

Michael Fenster, “Dr. Mike,” cardiologist, professional chef, and author of The Fallacy of the Calorie promises to give the reader clarity. “This is a book for lost souls. For everyone confused by all the contradictory information out there regarding what you eat and how it affects your health.” He does so with the most neon […]

Book Review: ‘Lead Like It Matters … Because It Does’

If you have not yet defined your deeper purpose, mission and vision as a leader, it is time to get with it! Authenticity in business is gaining steam as the ocean of humanity is reaching higher enlightenment. As captain of your business, however large or small, you may allow it to drift aimlessly. As a […]

Book Review: ‘Branding Your X Factor’ by Runa Magnus

Wow! If a book can give you the experience of sitting with a personal life-changing business coach, Branding Your X Factor is the book. Magnus speaks through the book in such an authentic, enthusiastic voice that you practically hear her slight Icelandic accent as you read. Wow! Is the branding factor she subscribes to, believes […]