The Ultimate Team for a Teen

Individuals of all ages have an innate need to expand and grow. Teens have a super dose of growth energy. Accessing the inner drive to direct that energy increases their capacity to manifest remarkable things when assisted by a supportive team. Conversely, when external pressures suppress the inner drive the teen can feel restless, angry and hopeless. Because young people are dependent on the adults around them, building a well-tailored support team will increase a child’s triumph through the life transformational stage of the teen years. Continue reading

Stress Remedy: The Green Pill

To stress or not to stress can be a choice. Unhealthy stress is feeling out of control, thus, thrusting your self into a fight-flight state. You can feel chased by tasks, time constraints and unmet goals. You can feel threatened by social rejection, embarrassment and ridicule. When your thinking is concentrated in desires, actions and duties, you become imbalanced, like breathing out yet never breathing in. The imbalance is a state of dis-ease like many ailments we combat with pills of relief. Continue reading

Depth and Breadth of Peace

While my blog posts splay over diverse and what may appear to be unrelated topics, all themes in fact are connected through the core heartbeat of peace — which I define as theharmonious synthesis of seeming contradictions. With all our individuality and uniqueness, as people of distinct ethnicities, cultures, ideologies, religions, nationalities, and so on, we can step into the flow of this synthesis by respecting ourselves and others. We can know peace in every cell of our being when we live its spirit in our lives. Continue reading

Love Relationships Are a Pocket of Peace

An intimate relationship is a true home, as reflected in the famous expression, “Home is where the heart is.” While romantic relationships can span the spectrum — from the shallow trysts played out by Samantha in Sex and the City and James Bond in the 007 series, to the noble love emblemized by Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice — a true love bond is like the calm eye of the storm in life. No matter what difficulties we may have in the world, within ourselves or in our relationships with others, a sincere love-based relationship offers us a pocket of peace. Continue reading

Fatal Obsession

My life seemed glamorous and promising: I was in my 20s, living in Paris and Normandy, spending my days training in ballet, modern dance, and jazz, and spending my evenings clubbing with VIP actors, models, and athletes. There was just one little problem: I was killing myself. Continue reading

Taking a Shot at Peace

March 23, 2013 was the 10th anniversary of Michael Moore’s film Bowling for Columbine. The award-winning documentary plunged deep below the surface, exploring reasons for the Columbine High School massacre of April 1999. Among other ways it stimulated thought, the film showed many angles of gun culture in America — a culture that, following the Sandy Hook shooting of December 2012 — is back in the headlines and being hotly debated. As medical professionals, parents, gun owners, and politicians passionately dispute gun laws, Coloradolimits firearms and expands background checks; Kansas considers open carry of guns; and President Obama, acknowledging both sides of the issue, urges common sense among all. Continue reading

The Economics of Peace: Can We Be Fair (without Love)?

In July 2011, a lone-wolf terrorist murdered 93 people in Norway, in the interest of driving home an anti-immigration message. The killer, Norwegian native Anders Behring Breivik, was identified as a right-wing extremist with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. While Breivik’s action was severe and driven in part by mental illness, his feelings about immigration were in alignment with those of many Norwegians.
Continue reading

College-Age Disease Calls for Attention

As a college student a few decades ago, I had never heard of eating disorders. I did know that chart-topping singer Karen Carpenter had died of a heart attack at about 30 years old, and that her death had something to do with her being skinny. I had no idea, however, that an eating disorder could exist. I myself occasionally engaged in behaviors like fasting, vomiting, or working out excessively, so as to be skinny and attractive. But I just saw myself as a healthy, normal college student, doing what all college students did to feel good about themselves. Like everyone else, I also was studying, dating, hanging out with friends, handling a budget for the first time, and otherwise managing and enjoying my daily life. Continue reading

A Loving Little Reminder for Valentine's Weekend

On Valentine’s Day, we may think of romance, flowers and chocolates. Yet our deepest, most permanent love may be in life itself. The opportunity to breathe and experience life is the foundation for all love that we may experience. Behind the face of your lover is the same energy of life that beats the heart of all other living beings. You get to experience that love force through your partner or through a loving child, a happy dog or delicate songbird. Expressions of love are all around, in every living thing. Continue reading