Peace Begins with Me: A Review of Deepak Chopra's New Book, Ask Deepak About Love and Relationships

I have a personal interest in understanding relationships and guiding them into expressions of love, so I was intrigued by the newly-released e-book, Ask Deepak about Love and Relationships — a collection of questions posed to and answered by Deepak Chopra, M.D.. Chopra includes hundreds of his correspondences as the text of the book, and each chapter covers one topic, such as managing relationships, navigating parenting and identifying pure love. Continue reading

Peace Yourself Together

Human beings are prone to feeling lonely and isolated at every age. An infant feels alone and scared outside of her mother’s arms. A young child feels excluded and unwanted when classmates don’t invite him into a game. A teenager feels solitary and inaccessible as she tries to form an identity. An adult feels helpless and angry if his trust is betrayed in a relationship. Any form of rejection can trigger our sense of isolation and loneliness, which, in turn, can trigger fear-based emotions such as sadness, indignation or rage. Our response to these emotions determines whether we spiral into despair or, alternately, ground ourselves in a sense of peace. Continue reading

The Sound of Peace: Musical Reflections in Honor of MLK Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, Mother Theresa, and Grammy-award-winning Israeli violinist Miri Ben-Ari have sounded messages of peace in different melodies. Martin Luther King Jr. projected his “I Have a Dream” and other voiced messages from the pulpit and in the streets. Gandhi had a silent song, protesting injustice through non-violence. Mother Theresa spread peace through her years of community service, while giving us footnotes of wisdom in her poetic words. Ben-Ari plays her violin across dividing lines of sworn enemies, in the process, bridging our collective humanity. Continue reading

Inside Chappaqua May 2009 Saturday, May 2: Teens for the Future

— The Youth Project sponsored by World Foundation for Original Human Development is hosting its 2nd annual Awareness Day in Chappaqua. It’s a great time to meet and greet young people who are making a difference in the world. You can learn about their projects and innovative solutions to the world’s problems.

Eat great food at Don Emillio’s Restaurant 57-59 King Street, Chappaqua New York

There’s lots going on. Hear livemusic, make and buy crafts, and try winning the grand prize of two
Bruce Springsteen concert tickets! For more info, visit or

How We Celebrate The Holidays

by Michall Jeffers
Photo by Bill Bramswig
Chappaqua Inside – December 2009

Here in Chappaqua, good neighbors come in all colors, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds. Since this is the season to celebrate and to share, there’s no better time to learn about the holiday customs of these friends in our community, in their own words. Our lovely Cover Girls are joined in telling their stories by a Quaker from one of the founding Chappaqua families, a Jewish mom whose creativity encouraged her daughter to cherish Hanukah, a prominent African American citizen explaining Kwanzaa, and an Indian dad and daughter who have perfected the art of giving back. They range in age from twelve to eighty-nine, and come from all over the globe. Continue reading