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Suna Senman blogs for The Huffington Post, on the topic of peace. Interviewing the gamut of professionals, from celebrity musicians to eating disorders experts to relationship matchmakers, and drawing from her personal wisdom, professional knowledge, and life experience, Suna guides readers on how to achieve inner and outer peace. Click here to visit Suna’s blog on The Huffington Post. Drawing from her wealth of experience in wellness counseling, childhood development, peace education, and diversity training, Suna also does personal blogging, through which she shares unique perspectives on how to create a healthy and balanced life, as well as a peaceful and just society. Suna welcomes your comments, in the interest of facilitating dialogue about life transformation.

Stop the Merry-Go-Round

I recently watched an old film in which the main character wrote murder stories that came true in real life — following which the main

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Peace Yourself Together

Human beings are prone to feeling lonely and isolated at every age. An infant feels alone and scared outside of her mother’s arms. A young

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How We Celebrate The Holidays

by Michall Jeffers Photo by Bill Bramswig Chappaqua Inside – December 2009 Here in Chappaqua, good neighbors come in all colors, faiths, and ethnic backgrounds.

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