Do You Have Inner Gender Bias?

You want to be respected and seen for who you are, yet you find yourself cornered into gender roles. What lies behind this contradiction? Somehow, beneath your conscious thinking, your brain is processing many more thoughts than you are aware of. Some of those notions are false perceptions that limit your genuine expression. Getting beyond what psychologists call cognitive bias requires taking a fresh look at yourself and the world, like a child observing things for the first time. Gender imbalance comes from your interpretation of aspects within yourself. Those misconceptions manifest outwardly into gender bias. For sustainable deep changes in society, as individuals, we must first recognize and correct our inner thought distortions. Continue reading

REPORT: LiTPEACE Program in Finland

As more and more communities are questioning the effectiveness of their educational programs, LiTPEACE, Life Transformation through Peace Education and Children’s Empowerment, is focusing on the early childhood education as the foundation for a lifetime.

Based on holistic fundamental education, including physical, mental, emotional and social development, the LiTPEACE program consists of games for children and education for their adults. Children naturally learn through playing games. Using knowledge from experts in child development, pediatric therapies and education techniques, the games were mindfully developed. The children just have fun playing the games. The adults are given insight to the learning behind the games so that they can guide the children most effectively to bring forth their full potential. Continue reading

Preschool Problems in an Adult World

Sam is playing with his blocks and dinosaurs. Jonny comes to takes over Sam’s toys. Sam complains, “Stop! Leave my things alone.” Jonny continues moving wooden and plastic figures, disturbing Sam’s construction. Sam whimpers protests. The nursery school teacher tells Jonny to respect Sam’s creation. Jonny responds, “I’m just playing. Sam asked me to come play with him.” Sam winces as Jonny shifts blocks and toys into a new configuration. The teacher sees that Jonny is invading upon Sam’s creative endeavor, but doesn’t know how to fashion justice in the situation. Finally the teacher says, “Sam, do you want Jonny to play with you and change what you’ve been building?” After his design has now been totally altered, Sam says, “Yes I want Jonny to play with me.” Frustrated by his inability to control the situation earlier, the teacher says, “Jonny you have a time out in the corner where no one can play with you!”  Continue reading

One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters by Larry Dossey, MD

In my journey for new perspectives on meaningfulness, I discovered a newly published book, One Mind. At last, the iron curtain between science and spirituality is coming down as we look beyond theory and theology to honestly observing life on the inside and out.

Reading this book gave me a sense of relief. Anyone who has had any unexplained experience should find One Mind both fascinating and comforting. The well researched book explores many areas of conscious being including group behavior, sixth sense and near death experiences. Even before my research revealed that the author, Larry Dossey, MD is known as a reliable medical doctor who dares to erase the boundaries between science and spirituality while fully respecting both, I respected his honest openness and intellect. One Mind is Dossey’s ninth book exploring dimensions of the mind-body-spirit dynamic, and is an exploration of harmonious life energy, which is often referred to by many names such as God, Allah, Buddha, Source, and Higher Mind. Continue reading

Unconscious Lessons Call for Mindful Education

Children learn, listen and reflect who we are.

While waiting for his mother to finish talking to a saleswoman, a 3-year-old boy puts his hands on his hips, grunts, and boldly barks, “This woman drives me crazy!” Shocked, the adults laugh. Perhaps this behavior seems cute. Yet, subtle messages of gender disrespect cause harm to individuals and can manifest havoc in the world. Gender, race or any other factor that suppresses a group contributes to dysfunction in society. Continue reading

Re-thinking Education: What Are We Teaching?

“The opposite of war is not peace; it’s creation.” — Jonathan Larson, composer and playwright most known for writing the musical Rent

Reading the headline news in The Huffington Post recently, I was struck by the marked contrast between two articles: The Impact section featured a story about seven-year-old Zora Ball, the youngest person to create a mobile app, while the front page featured a story about governmental leaders sabotaging peace agreements and maneuvering to instigate war. A child, new to our formal education system, is exercising creative power; while adults, graduates of our most esteemed universities, are exercising destructive power. Continue reading

5 Tips to Turn Holiday Stress Into Peace and Joy

During the holiday time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, we tend to experience more activities, responsibilities and the corresponding stresses than usual. We can easily wear ourselves out with the stress, or we can discover the peace that the season offers. Peace comes from creating balance between activity and rest, socializing and meditation, or making changes and keeping things the same. The story of the first Holy Night reminds of how we turn stress into peace and joy. Continue reading

Valuable Life Lessons to Gain From Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving offers opportunities to learn and bequeath meaningful life lessons for peace, joy and happiness.

November can be a gray, cold and difficult month. Holidays can also make us sorrowful for what we have lost — loved ones, the warmth of summer, and/or activities. Lights and festivities can contradict the melancholic environment. Yet, you can manifest inner joy through the insight we get from understanding thanksgiving. Continue reading

Transform Your Life

Everyone gets stuck sometimes and needs a little help. Some help moves you forward. Some just moves you into different surrounding without real change. Some “help” can even move you backwards. From psychotherapist to life transformation facilitator, I have worked with many people over the past 20 years. Some people experienced disappointments and setbacks from the help they sought earlier creating trepidation about looking for guidance. When trust is broken through a bad “therapeutic” experience, become objective and use some logical tools to find the right assistance. Life is about working with each other — both giving and receiving support. We need to learn to trust — with discernment — again.
Continue reading